Intelligent and Creative Play with the bObles Tumbling Animals

Children’s furniture is usually a scaled down version of already recognized, classic designs. Not anymore with this new range that Exquira discovered in Denmark. bObles have turned this conceptualization upside down. With the development of the so-called Tumbling Animals, a table does not have to have 4 legs and a chair is not necessarily something you sit on.

Since the establishment in 2005, bObles has been dedicated to allow children’s fantasy and creativity during play to merge with adult’s expectations for design, functionality and quality.

Inspired by the affection amongst children and animals, the Tumbling Animals are intended to stimulate, challenge and inspire the imagination and development of motor skills.

The Tumbling Animals consist of geometric shapes, resembling colourful, sculptural animals. Multi-functionalism characterizes the furniture which is tilt able, rock able, roll able, balanceable and stackable. This multi-functional quality helps the user to develop their motor function and sparks creativity and imagination – amongst children and adults alike – while playing.

bObles continue to expand and develop as a brand through an imaginative universe that challenges conventional thinking. As a consequence, the product portfolio is constantly being developed and new products are to be expected into Australia in the future.