The Children Collection from STOKKE is an innovative and stylish range of children's furniture and stroller products. All items in the collection are designed to effectively combine function with practicality, whilst offering a truly unique and contemporary look. [ more ]

Mamas & Papas

Mamas & Papas Started in 1981, wanting a better class of baby products; focussing on innovation and style. From a single shop to a world-wide brand; Mamas & Papas has created inspiring products to make your life easier. The collection includes beautiful bed linen, soft toys, quality baby seats and stylish prams & strollers..[ more ]


Difrax offers everything for babies and parents: from the world's best and colourful dummies, a great feeding range featuring anti-colic bottles and training cups to a very practical range of accessories. For lot's of information like us on facebook. [ more ]

Sleep Rumbler

The Sleep Rumbler is an innovation in infant settling. During the first 6 months of life, babies have an amazing transition to make, from the womb to the world. The Sleep Rumbler offers a solution in an Australian designed mat to provide a natural baby settling rhythm. It recreates familiar and comforting motions to settle and sooth your baby. The rhythmic bumping motion settles baby into a restful state, if not a sleepy one
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Moba® combines the functionality of a traditional product with a contemporary design. The Moba® company felt the time had come for the Moses basket to be updated to suit modern standards of quality and safety and so Moba® was born!' A contemporary moses basket available in an exciting range of colours. Unlike other wicker baskets Moba® won't creak or rustle. The basket is Hypo-allergenic so perfect for babies with sensitive skin or allergies. Designed & made in the UK.
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Milestone™ – Remember the things that make you smile Being pregnant is such a special time. And seeing your baby growing up first week by week then month by month, it all goes so fast that first year. The first kick, the first smile, the first step, Milestone™ create products that allow you to capture life’s special moment, highlights and events in a truly unforgettable way. The gift cards are designed in Holland with lovely Illustrations form the AUSTRALIAN illustrator Beci Orpin.
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Swedish company Trostisar has created a world where there is no fear! In the Trostisar world there is only love, which makes everything so easy and real with heaps of possibilities to comfort. Trostisar makes a cuddly range of children products from soft toys to cuddly strips. [ more ]


Intelligent and Creative Play with the bObles Tumbling Animals Children's furniture is usually a scaled down version of already recognized, classic designs. Not anymore with this new range that Exquira discovered in Denmark. bObles have turned this conceptualization upside down. With the development of the so-called Tumbling Animals, a table does not have to have 4 legs and a chair is not necessarily something you sit on.[ more ]